deled/btc 4th semester english


1. Translation-cum-Grammar method is also known as :

a) Classical method
b) Competitive method
c) Analytical method
d) Scientific method

Ans- a) Classical method

2. The origin of Direct method is :

a) England
b) France
c) Italy
d) America

Ans- b) France

3. Which of the following completes the sentences

Hardly had I reached the station………… the train left.

a) as
b) than
c) when
d) if

Ans- c) when

4. Frame ‘Verb’ from the word ‘possession’ :

a) Possessive
b) Possessiveness
c) Possessively
d) Possess

Ans- d) Possess

5. Choose the correct word to complete the following :

One must do……….. duty.

a) one’s
b) his
c) her
d) our

Ans- a) one’s

6. The substitution table method was adopted by

a) Dr. West
b) H.E. Palmer
c) Prof. C.J. Dedson
d) O. Jesperson

Ans- b) H.E. Palmer

7. Language learning starts from

a) Reading
b) Speaking
c) Listening
d) Writing

Ans- c) Listening

8. Phonetics is the science of

a) Reading
b) Writing
c) Sounds
d) Pronunciation

Ans- c) Sounds

9. Adjective of ‘success’ is

a) successful
b) succeed
c) successfully
d) succeeding

Ans- a) successful

10. Complete the following sentence

……… knowledge is a dangerous thing.

a) little the
b) a little
c) the little
d) less

Ans- b) a little

11. Direct Method of teaching English came as a reaction against-

a) Translation-cum-grammar method
b) Substitution table method
c) Bilingual method
d) Structural-cum situational approach/method

Ans- a) Translation-cum-grammar method

12. The structural approach relates to……….

a) Word pattern
b) Sentence pattern
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) Letter pattern

Ans- c) Both (a) and (b)

13. The origin of direct method is………

a) England
b) France
c) Italy
d) America

Ans- b) France

14. Adjective of differ is………..

a) Different
b) Difference
c) Differently
d) none of these

Ans- a) Different

15. What are one of the two productive skills-

a) Listening – speaking
b) Listening – writing
c) Speaking – writing
d) Listening

Ans- c) Speaking – writing

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